3/4 c unsalted butter

I’ve had enough of running away…

You’re not gonna reach my telephone ‘cause I’ll be on the run.


He-ate-us meme + [2/4] characters.
↳ Margot Verger.


Katy Perry’s ‘Unconditionally’: A music video for #ShowYourLove

I worked with UNICEF on this new “Unconditionally” video in support of the 35 million people living with HIV, especially the young people who often suffer in silence. On Thursday, we lost many people who dedicated their lives to fighting HIV on the Malaysia Airlines flight. They were traveling to the International AIDS Conference, where we were planning on launching this video. Now, I would also like to dedicate this video to them, to honor them, and to all the victims of MH17. ‪#‎AIDS2014‬”





boys…i have a hint 4 u: black skinny jeans

and beanies

and glasses

basically, mikey way. we don’t want you, we want mikey way.


Bradley James and Colin Morgan write songs together in their spare time but Colin doesn’t like to show people and if you don’t think that’s the cutest shit ever then I don’t even want to look at you.